NOx Nitrogen Oxide Sensor Compatible for Mercedes-Benz 3.0L

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Compatible for Mercedes-Benz GL320 2007-2008 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz GL320 2009 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz GL350 2010-2016 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML320 2009 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML320 2007-2008 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML350 2013 3.5L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML350 2012-2015 3.5L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML350 2012-2015 3.5L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML350 2013-2015 3.5L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML350 2010-2015 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz ML400 2015 3.0L
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz S350 2012-2013 3.0L

OEM Number
A0009052900, 5WK96683, A0009052800
A0009053603, A0009057100, A0065420918

Quantity: 1
Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: New
Package Include: 1 x Nox Sensor

1. The benefit of Nitrogen Oxide Sensor:
The NOx sensor is used to check the nitrogen oxide content of the exhaust to optimize exhaust and fuel economy.
2. How does the NOx sensor work?
In the case of the poorly mixed layer charging operation, the operating point of the motor is no longer lambda = 1 and thus is outside the best conversion range of the catalytic converter. Nitrogen oxides are not optimally converted by the catalyst and show a significant increase . For this reason, an additional NOx storage catalyst, which temporarily stores nitrogen oxides, is used.
When the catalytic converter reaches the end of its storage capacity, it is detected by the NOx sensor. The sensor instructs the engine control unit to switch to richly mixed operation for approximately two seconds. Nitrogen oxides are reduced and converted to harmless azote. This " regeneration phase" is repeated approximately every 60 seconds in poor operation.

* Please calibrate your Sensor after install
* Please confirm your original part number or OEM number can match up with one of the part numbers above
* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For whatever we can help, please feel free to contact us.

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