maXpeedingrods K04 Turbo Compatible for Audi S3 Quattro BAM 1.8L K04-023 Turbocharger 1999 2000 2001 2002

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  • * Warranty: 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • * Accessories: You will receive exactly as shown in the pictures


Compatible for Audi A3 (8L1), S3 quattro, 03.1999, 04.2002, 154 kw, 210 PS, AMK
Compatible for Audi A3 (8L1), S3 quattro, 10.2001, 05.2003, 165 kw, 224 PS, BAM
Compatible for Audi TT (8N3), 1.8 T quattro, 10.1998, 06.2006, 165kw, 224 PS, BAM
Compatible for Audi TT (8N3), 1.8 T quattro, 03.2005, 06.2006, 177 kw, 240 PS, BFV
Compatible for Audi TT Roadster (8N9), 1.8 T quattro, 10.1999, 06.2006, 165 kw, 224 PS, BAM
Compatible for Seat LEON (1M1), 1.8 T Cupra R, 02.2002, 06.2006, 154 kw, 209 PS, AMK
BAM for Seat LEON (1M1), 1.8 T Cupra R, 07.2003, 06.2006, 165 kw, 225 PS, BAM

Part Number
53049880023; 53049700023;
06A145704Q; 06A145704QX;

If you are not sure fitment for your old turbo, please let us know this information:
1. The OEM code information from your original turbo nameplate
2. The Engine code & KW, HP, Year for your car
3. The Photos of your complete turbo 4. Please note that the registration number cannot identify your turbocharger

Turbo Model: K04-2275ECD5.82KCAXH, K04
Cooled Type: Water Cooling
Bearing Type: Floating Bearing
Hosepower: Up to 237HP
Condition: Brand New
Package size: 26*24*23 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

*Product Material1. Turbine housing :Ductile iron qt450-10- temperature resistant up to 700â„?br data-mce-fragment="1">2. Steel turbine wheel: K418 alloy-high oxidation stability and resistance up to 900â„?br data-mce-fragment="1">3. Compressor housing: ZL104 aluminum with lightweight
4. Compressor wheel/blades: Cast aluminium blades �superior air tightness & corrosion resistance
*Product Performance
1. OEM-quality and size with little modification
2. Rich experience in turbo production and own factory
3. Quality assurance
4. High-Speed ​​oil seal ring
5. Strict quality inspection
6. Precision clearance
*All necessary gaskets included for ease of installation

* Please confirm your original turbo PART NUMBER before Purchasing * Professional installation is highly recommended
* Before installing the new turbocharger, the cause that led to the failure of the turbo must be analyzed and eliminated (e.g. insufficient oil supply, foreign bodies in the intake area, crankcase ventilation without function, etc.)!

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