maXpeedingrods Set of 4 Shocks Absorber Struts Compatible for ford F-150 (04-08) RWD Mark LT (06-08) RWD Non Adj. Height & Damper

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compatible for ford F-150 04-08 RWD
Compatible for Mark LT 06-08 RWD

Part Number
4L3Z18124AA, 4L3Z18124BB, 4L3Z18124CA
5L3Z18124GA, 5L3Z18124HA, 5L3Z18125AA
5L3Z18125GA, 5L3Z18125HA, 5L3Z18124FA
6L3Z18124CH, 5L3Z18125EA, 5L3Z18125FA
6L3Z18124AH, 6L3Z18124CF, 6L3Z18124CG
6L3Z18124FG, 6L3Z18124FH, 6L3Z18124JA
6L3Z18125L, 6L3Z18125N, 7L3Z18124R
18136258642, 7L3Z18125R

Quantity: 2 front Struts with top mounts & preloaded springs + 2 rear shocks
Damper: Non adjustable Damper
Adjustable height: No
Adjustable camber plate: No
Condition: 100% Brand New
Warranty: 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect
Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture above

These Replacement Shock Absobers & Struts are perfectly Compatible for you to replace your OEM Shocks without sacrificing your ride comCompatible fortability.
They are fully assembled & preloaded and ready Compatible for installation.
You don't need extra tools Compatible for this changing.

No instruction included; Professional installation & alignment suggested.
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Please feel free to contact us for whatever we can help.

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