Maxpeedingrods 10 PCS T3/T4 Turbo Kits compatible for 92-00 Civic EG EK/EJ

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Compatible for 1992-2000 Honda Civic (Except Civic Si EM1)
Compatible for 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol (Excelt V-tec)

1 x T3/T4 Turbo Charger: 
Compressor Inlet Diameter: 72mm(2.8")
Compressor Outlet Diameter:  53mm£¨2"£©
Oil Inlet: 1/8 NPT
Exhaust Inlet (Turbo Manifold) Flange: T3 T4 4 bolt Flange Patterns
Exhaust Outlet (Downpipe) Flange: 5 bolt Flange
Turbine Trim: 74.2
Turbine Inducer Diameter:  64.8 mm
Turbine Exducer Diameter: 55.8mm
Turbine A/R: 0.63
Compressor Trim: 48.1
Compressor Inducer Diameter: 52.7mm
Compressor Exducer Diameter: 76 mm
Compressor A/R: 0.5
Bearing: Wet Float Bearing
Turbocharger Overall size: 270*220*220 
1xmanifold£ºT3 flange 35mm or 38mm wastegate flange Cast Iron
1xTurbo Downpie: 2.5" t3/t4 5-bolt stainless steel TIG welded downpipe. 
1x intercooler piping kit:  
Inlet size is 2.5 inch.
core size:  21*7*2.5. 
Overall Size 27'' x 7'' x 2.5'' inch. 
Support up to 350 hp for this small intercooler size - tube and fin style .
intercooler piping: 
2.25" Alumnium Prenbent Mandrel Bends Piping
Comes with High Pressure Silicone Hoses and T-blot clamps
1 x Type-S Blow Off Valve: CNC Billet Aluminum Type RS Style Blow off Valve and 2.5" Inch Type S/Rs Flange Pipe.  25PSi Boost! Can hold up to 1000+ HP.
1 x  35/38MM Wastegate: 35/38mm External Waste Gate Kit 
1x 5'' 4 in 1 Tachometer: 
Water Temp Unit Type: Celsius
Water Temp Display Range: 40~120 Celsius
Oil Temp Unit type: Celsius
Oil Temp Display Range: 50~150 Celsius
Oil Pressure Unit Type: Bar
Oil Pressure Display Range: 0~7 Bar
Thread Size of Sensors: 1/8NPT
1 x Turbo Boost Controller: Up To 30 PSi Boost
1 x Turbo Oil Return / Feeding Line Kit: Turbo Oil Feed + Return Drain Line Kit Combo. It helps circulate oil from the turbo charger to the oil pan. The kit provides a anodized look, and gives a best cooling performance on your turbo and long lasting life.
Material: Stainless Steel Braided
1x Air filter: Fits with any aftermarket pipe of 3" diameter

Package included
1x T3/T4 Turbocharger
1x Manifold
1x Downpipe
1x Turbo Intercooler Piping Kit
1x Oil Feed / Return Line
1x 35/38mm Wastegate
1x Type-S Blow Off Valve
1x Tubo Boost Controller
1x Air filter
1x 5inch 4in 1 Tachometer

1.Turbo charger:    
* Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 400+ HP 
* Turbine housing uses ductile iron QT450-10 Can withstand temperatures up to 700 ¡æ
* Steel Turbine Wheel made from the special K418 alloy to achieve high oxidation resistance and stability under high temperatures up to 900 ¡æ
* Cast aluminium blades with good gas tightness and corrosion resistance.
*Direct replacement
*Replaces original manifolds that are cracked from thermal expansion and contraction
*Made of high quality T-304 stainless steel with computerized mandrel-bends
i.e. Maximizing smoothest exhaust airflow
TIG welded CNC machine flange for strength and durability
Increase engine output and efficiency. Gain 10 - 15 HPs (approximately)
O2 Sensor Bungs insertion, bolt(s) and metal gasket(s) included
4. Intercooler piping kit
 * core size:21*7*2.5 cools down the turbocharged air efficiently
 * Lightweight aluminum racing intercooler£¬
 * Strong TIG welds will support high PSI levels
 Intercooler piping
 * Made of 6061 aluminum 
 * Lightweight yet strong aluminum piping
5.Boost controller
 * Can be setup to adjust boost PSI on the fly
 * Can be adjusted for any PSI level desired
 * Control your boost with a precise click
 * Includes complete install kit
 * Anodized aluminum finish
 * CNC machined design
 * High pressure silicone couplers  and T-bolt clamps                                                                                                                                                                                                               
6. Turbo Oil returen /Feeding line kit 
 * Stainless Steel Braided
 * Includes complete install kit
 *  It helps circulate oil from the turbo charger to the oil pan. 
 * The kit provides a anodized look
 * gives a best cooling performance on your turbo and long lasting life.
7.Blow Off Valve Kit 
 * CNC Billet Aluminum Type RS Style Blow off Valve 
 * Easy Mount Piping Set Included For Bolt-On.
 * Including all necessary hardwares. 
 * easily adjustable to prevent both permature boost leakage and compressor surge. 
 * Fast response One For Low And High Boost Pressure. 
 * Performance design produces a powerful and aggressive sound
 * Quality design will not leak under high boost conditions
 * Flanges can be installed at user discretion
8. 38MM Wastegate
 * Most reliable wastegates For competition vehicles.
 * accurate boost control 
 * high quality appearance features Dual port design
 * comes with waste gate spring (fully adjustable, up to 15 psi), allow you to add the spring to get desired high psi.
9.  Air fiter
 * Plate and Mesh made out of high quality stainless steel to keep it from rusting on cold air or high moisture locations
 *Great for cars with very limited space to place a filter
10.5'' 4 in 1 Tachometer:
 * Comes with All the Wiring Necessary for Installation. 
 * All Accessories are Included for Installation.
 * Back lit for use at night time

* Need modifications - Professionals ONLY (This is an aftermarket universal turbo kit for DIY purpose, and it's recommended to advanced players but not for beginners. )
* we will not be responsible for man-made installation damage.

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